One of my Happiest Classes

Fun kids classes

Such a lovely start to the week. Yesterday I took the most amazing Boxercise class. A private session with twin boys, both of whom are autistic. It was one of the happiest classes that I have taken. Neither of the boys were able to speak, but both certainly seemed to understand most of what I

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There is no Vaccine for Mental Health Issues

No Vaccine for Mental Health Issues

Mental Health and Workplace Wellbeing issues are all around us. There was a lot of talk on Monday about “Blue Monday”. But, it’s not just one Monday of the year that people are dealing with such issues. Since March 2020 the number of people dealing with Mental Health problems has increased massively. Mental Health is

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Duke of Edinburgh Testimonial

It will soon be time for students to chose their DofE physical activities. I wanted to share a testimonial with you from another recent student who I trained in Boxercise for her DofE Award.“My daughter is doing Bronze Duke of Edinburgh this year with her school. Although she loves walking and swimming, she is not

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Keep Moving

Keep moving for your wellbeing

With so many of us working from home we need to be very aware of our posture. Desk, chair, laptop, desktop…. Anything else you may use? Are they all set at the right height for you to ensure you have a good working posture? Also, don’t cross your legs! Get up and move occasionally. So,

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Fitbox – it feels good to release some energy

There is something about just hitting something… isn’t there?  Have you ever felt that your tension and stress levels are so high, you just want to expend that energy?  I have the answer. Office and workplace wellbeing are key for all businesses and individuals, and more so in this current environment.  We, as employees, employers,

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