Fitbox – it feels good to release some energy

There is something about just hitting something… isn’t there?  Have you ever felt that your tension and stress levels are so high, you just want to expend that energy?  I have the answer.

Office and workplace wellbeing are key for all businesses and individuals, and more so in this current environment.  We, as employees, employers, self-employed entrepreneurs and consultants, all need some space and time away from our work and desks to stress-bust.  It is so easy to just sit at your desk while time goes by, as you get drawn into that social media and email wormhole!  There are so many more people working from home, who really are not used to such a situation and who are missing interaction with colleagues and team members and the workplace motivation that comes from office banter.

Tackling this challenge head on, I would like to take my enthusiasm for Boxercise to these businesses.  I offer bespoke exercise classes, with my preference being Boxercise. I am likely to appeal to smaller or medium sized business. Offering team building classes and team building days (when these can happen again).

Boxercise is an absolute passion of mine.  I feel invigorated, happy and exhausted at the same time as the stress drains away from me, leaving me refreshed and ready tackle my next challenge.

I provide instruction on punching technique and provide all the equipment necessary.  Classes can be simply boxing, drills or circuits – variety is key to keep everybody interested.

Currently the only option for these is Zoom, and I am doing many classes where partners are sparring together, or individuals are shadow boxing with their colleagues connecting in from elsewhere. 

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