A Decadent Tuesday

Manage your work-life balance

Last Tuesday I took what I call a “decadent” day off. “Decadent” because it was, after all, a Tuesday.

Why did I feel guilty? Well it seems we are all programmed to work 9-5, five days per week and feel guilty if we defer from that trend. Yet we really shouldn’t. I had a lovely day out walking with a friend I see rarely and felt ready for the rest of the week. Admittedly I normally take a Friday off, and that did have to go by the wayside. But, working for ourselves, is all about being independent, responsible for our own choices and also….. ensuring we have the right work-life balance.
So, I challenge you. Take a “decadent” day off this week. What will you do?
Work on that Work-Life Balance!

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