FitBox for Businesses

Workplace wellbeing with Boxercise

Are your employees lacking motivation? Do you need to revive, invigorate, relax and re-motivate team members? Try a Boxercise for Business session with Fitbox?

During the Covid19 pandemic we have seen how difficult it has been for many people who are used to working in an office environment. They are now working from home having been used to daily interaction with team members. The office banter with colleagues has gone.  These people have struggled to work from home and have missed that social interaction. They could now be stressed, demotivated and perhaps even “lost”,

Boxercise for Business

I offer Boxercise Team Building events to businesses. This allows employees and team members to interact in a different and innovative way.  After instruction on technique, the class will involve sparring (shadow boxing style), interspersed with other exercises, drills, and team races.  Yes this can be done on Zoom and, yes, and does become quite competitive!

After one session, your employees will feel more connected with each other; they will have had fun and forgotten the stresses of their day. They will leave the class on a massive high feeling motivated and invigorated, ready to take on anything.

Interested in learning more?

Please contact me for more information and a bespoke quote. Or why not try a pilot session? or book a call on 07771 790 294

For information about what goes on in a Boxercise class go to About Fitbox page.

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